École Forest Trail Public School Staff

Staff Member
Mr. S. Pilibbossian
Mrs. D. de Chastelain
Vice Principal
Mrs. C. Hayles
Vice Principal
Mrs. J. Gibson
Senior Secretary
Mrs. J. Coulter
Mrs. D. Prata
General Secretaries
Mr. A. Lecaillon
Head Custodian
Mr. J. Vidakovic
Daytime Custodian
Ms. A. Giurasevici
Mr. L. Hendricks
Mrs. M. Silveira
Afternoon/Evening Custodians

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Division / Department
Grade One

Mrs. E. Reid (LTO for Mrs. Rendulich)
Mme J. Keres (LTO for Mme Capern)
Grade Two
Mrs. J. Flint (LTO for Mrs. Wiswell)
Mme K. Kavander
Grade Three
Mr. A. Watts (LTO for Mrs. Westerhout)
Mlle C. Kinach (LTO for Mme Gruscyk)
Grade Four
Ms. C. Darling (LTO for Ms. Markell)
Grade Five
Grade Six
M J. Ngueko (LTO for Mme Dean)
Grade Seven
M J. Teelockchand (LTO for Mme Pedersen)
Mme A. Lynam
Grade Eight
Mme A. Lynam
Visual Arts
Mlle B. O'Connell (Junior/Intermediate)
Mme E. Sawicki (Primary)
Mme C. Nolet (Primary/Junior)
Ms. C. Konopka (Primary)
Mrs. A. Harild (Junior/Intermediate)
Mrs. R. Welsh (Primary/Junior)
Ms. S. Britt (Junior)
Student Success
Special Education

Educational Assistants
Mrs. M. Sammut
Mrs. K. Shepherd

Mrs. D. Terry

Ms. S. Britt
M N. Pavic
Mme C. Lopresti
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Mrs. L. Brown
Child and Youth Counsellor (CYC)
Ms. T. Marshall
Mrs. S. Greaves (Librarian)
Mrs. L. Price (Librarian Technician)