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**Please call the school if your child has head lice.**   In order to decrease the ongoing re-infection of other students in the school, parents of students with an active case of head lice (pediculosis) will be asked to keep their child at home and have their child checked by a We Care Home Health Services’ nurse. We Care can be reached at (905) 507-6562 or toll free at 1-855-507-6562 and the receptionist will direct you to the nearest school where you may take your child for a head check.  If you are unable to attend that site, you may call back to the We Care office in the afternoon to see if there is a second location. Please do not call the schools as they do not have the We Care schedule. On inspection by the nurse, if their head is clear of lice and nits, you will be given a written form signed by the nurse which identifies that your child may return to school.  If, when you see the We Care nurse, there are still live lice or eggs (nits), he/she can provide you with assistance and suggestions for getting rid of the remainder of the lice (and nits).  When you are sure the lice are clear call We Care again for a re-check.  You must have the written slip from the We Care nurse for your child to return to class.

Student Accident Insurance: 
The HDSB does not provide accident insurance coverage for student injuries that occur either on school premises or during off-site school activities.  Please visit [ ] under Parent Info - Student Accident Insurance for information to purchase insurance coverage for your child(ren).  Coverage is available through insuremykids® Protection Plan from Reliable Life Insurance Company.  
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