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New Pedestrian Crossover

posted Mar 5, 2018, 8:41 AM by Shaun Britt

Good afternoon,


Transportation Strategy staff would like to advise you that the new Pedestrian Crossover (Type C) will be implemented on Pine Glen Road at Millstone Park this spring (area map is attached).


The town has notified area residents of this change, however we would ask that you also inform parents/guardians of the children attending Emily Carr and Ecole Forest Trail Schools. The new pedestrian crossover will provide for a safer and more convenient access to the park and crossing Pine Glen Road in general. A pedestrian crossover postcard is also attached for your reference and distribution.


More information and safety rules around pedestrian crossovers can be found on our webpage.

Map of location of crossover                                            New Pedestrian Crossovers in Oakville