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 Division/DepartmentEnglish    French
Grade Two
Mme J. Savoie
Mme N. Mattar
Mme A. Capretta (LTO for Mme Capern)
Mme C. Kinach
 Grade ThreeMrs. A. Lyons-WesterhoutMme C. Czebe
Mme M. Morkos
Mme S. Bergasse
Mme S. Souaid-Smith (LTO for Mme DeBenedetti)
Mme G. Forget (LTO for Mme Stevens)
Grade Four Mrs. J. Armstrong
Mrs. C. Pugliese

Mme N. Gallant (LTO for Mme Gruscyk)
Mme S. Henry
Grade Five Mrs. K. Spalding
Mrs. W. Menczel
Mme M. Croll
Mme A. Bernier
Grade SixMrs. J. Luren
Mrs. K. Davis
Mme L. Dean
Mme N. Pedersen

Grade Seven Ms. M. Murphy
Mrs. C. O'Halloran 

Mme K. Kavander 
Mme C. Myher
Grade Eight Mrs. M. Chambers
Ms. C. White
Mme M. Nestas
Mme A. Lynam
Visual Arts  Mme B. O'Connell
Music Mrs. E. Klatt (Junior)
Mrs. W. Menczel
Mrs. A. Harild (Junior/Intermediate)

Physical Education Mme S. Brodner
Student SuccessMrs. D. Pinkney 
Special Education Mrs. M. Sammut
Ms. H. Borland
Educational AssistantMrs. D. Terry 
English as a Second Language (ESL)Mrs. A. Lang
Child and Youth Counselor (CYC)Mr. T. Golightly 
 LibraryMrs. D. Pinkney (Teacher-Librarian)