École Forest Trail Public School is a TRIBES School.

The Four Agreements of this program permeate throughout the culture of the school.  Staff model the philosophy that is promoted through the 4 agreements: 

Participation/Right to pass: Participation/Droit de passer
Appreciation/No Put Downs: Appréciation/Pas de remarques méchantes
Attentive Listening: Écoutez attentivement
Mutual Respect: Respect mutuel

Students and teachers have the "Right to Pass" on answering a question if they don't know the answer. Everyone has the right to "Participate" and take risks in a supportive environment.  We are building self esteem through this strategy.

Everyone practises "No Put Downs" and shows "Appreciation" for others' differences and uniqueness. 

Teachers stress "Attentive Listening".  This involves listening your eyes, your ears and your heart.  It means focusing your attention on the speaker, using attentive body language and asking good questions.

At École Forest Trail Public School, everyone most importantly is encouraged to practise "Mutual Respect". This includes respecting yourself, others and belongings.