Code of Behaviour

Expectations For Students

• Arrive at school on time

• Give your best to all studies and activities

• Participate safely in school and on the school grounds

• Treat all materials and equipment with care

• Store items that are not appropriate for class in your backpack or locker

• Stay on school property during school hours

• Keep the classrooms, halls and grounds free of litter

• Be courteous and cooperative with all students and adults

Dress Code

• Student dress should be appropriate for a learning environment

• Outdoor clothing and boots are stored in the locker or cloakroom

• Hats are not worn inside

• T-shirts must not display inappropriate language or designs

• Revealing clothes such as short shorts, tube tops, halter tops or clothes that expose the midriff, chest or underwear are unacceptable

• Shoes must be appropriate for a safe and active day

• Gym bags and large backpacks are kept in the locker

Student Privileges

Bicycles are a favourite mode of transportation to school. Racks are provided for “parking” during school hours. Students need a good lock to secure their bicycle and accessories are best carried into the school with the student. For safety reasons, bicycle riding is not permitted on school property. Students must dismount and walk the bike to and from the rack.

Skateboards, In-Line Skates, Wheelies, Scooters and similar “vehicles” cannot be used on school grounds during school hours.

Lockers are provided for students’ personal belongings. Junior students with lockers (Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8) must bring a combination lock from home. We recommend a Dudley blue or black combination lock. Combination codes are recorded and kept in the office in case memory fails or an adult needs access. Please advise your child not to share the combination number with friends because this usually results in access by others. Students in portables will keep their belongings on the hooks located at the back of their classroom.

Please remember that the school is not responsible for articles that go missing from lockers. Expensive items such as cell phones and personal music devices must remain in the student’s locker at all times. Use of these items is not permitted on school property during the instructional day. Therefore, we strongly recommend that these items be left at home.

Inappropriate Student Behaviour

If a student’s behaviour interferes with learning or the rights of others, a series of strategies for change will be put into effect. If the planned strategies have not resulted in the required change in behaviour, a range of consequences, including time-out from the classroom, loss of privileges, assigned “school community work”, repayment for damages and/or in-school office withdrawal, will be utilized.

These problem-solving steps will not be followed in situations of severe behaviour that is illegal or dangerous. In these instances, parents will be involved immediately and consequences administered as prescribed in the Halton District School Board Code of Student Conduct. A revised copy of this document will soon be available from the office.

Reference: Safe Schools and the Code of Conduct Policy 5000-10a

Playground Behaviour

All students have a right to play happily in a safe environment. Throwing snow, rocks or other dangerous objects, play fighting and tackling are all unacceptable behaviours. Our “hands off” policy is always in effect.

View the HDSB Code of Behaviour

HDSB Code of Conduct.pdf