Purpose & Vision

At Forest Trail Public School we believe:

• Excellence is achieved by developing potential

• Celebrating efforts and successes promotes growth

• Learning is a collaborative, co-operative activity

• Education prepares students for global citizenship

At Forest Trail Public School we are committed to the development of the whole child.

Our vision is succinctly stated with these words: Ensemble, Discover, Succeed, Citoyen Mondial

Our mission statement

At Forest Trail Public School, we inspire students to learn and succeed to achieve their full potential in a safe environment. As a community, we engage students through inclusion, collaboration and purposeful participation. We value the whole child and the development of global citizenship.

At Forest Trail Public School, our Professional Learning Community operates around these ten general norms:

• Our community shares common goals to provide a unique identity

• Emphasis is placed on the concept of the "whole child"

• Importance is placed on creating a safe, inviting environment

• Teamwork, co-operation and collaboration are highly valued

• Open, honest and ongoing communication is vital

• Parents are partners in the education of our students

• Shared leadership among staff members promotes learning

• Life-long learning is important for all community members

• Celebrate efforts and successes regularly